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Order before 15:00 CET on Monday through Friday and we ship the same day

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Paruzzi Magazine

The technical magazine for the classic Volkswagen from Paruzzi: Paruzzi Magazine
Our webstore includes many technical details and installation information for every product we have available. This digital magazine adds a series of technical articles for you to better understand how your classic Volkswagen works. You can read this digital publication on your computer, your tablet or smartphone, or you may download the magazine as a PDF document and print it on your personal printer. This digital magazine is free for anyone with a Paruzzi account and all our registered newsletter readers.

Paruzzi Magazine 14:

Buying a VW: underneath the VW 1200
Tip: remove a threaded stud
Electrical: ignition timing - static
PDF versie : Paruzzi Magazine 14

Paruzzi Magazine 13:

Checking the Dwell angle
Type 1 engine mount
Crankshaft seal replacement
PDF versie : Paruzzi Magazine 13

Paruzzi Magazine 12:

Drum brakes
Oil seals
Replacing ignition points
PDF versie : Paruzzi Magazine 12

Paruzzi Magazine 11:

Measure the crankshaft end play
Check the vacuum advance
Air filter thermostat
PDF versie : Paruzzi Magazine 11

Paruzzi Magazine 10:

The distributor
Air cleaner preheating
Crankshaft axial clearance
PDF versie : Paruzzi Magazine 10

Paruzzi Magazine 9:

Exhaust types
Thread repair
Replacing the clutch
PDF versie : Paruzzi Magazine 9

Paruzzi Magazine 8:

Testing the coil
Oil consumptioin
VW suspension
PDF versie : Paruzzi Magazine 8

Paruzzi Magazine 7:

Oil leakage
Spark plug installation
Cylinder head specs
PDF versie : Paruzzi Magazine 7

Paruzzi Magazine 6:

Engine: the clutch concept
Tip: finding the top dead center
Buying a VW: measuring the compression
PDF versie : Paruzzi Magazine 6

Paruzzi Magazine 5:

Engine: Setting valve clearance
Electrical: fuses
Brakes: hydraulic brakes
PDF versie : Paruzzi Magazine 5

Paruzzi Magazine 4:

Engine: HPMX carburetors
Electrical: radio interference
Engine: what is valve clearance?
PDF versie : Paruzzi Magazine 4

Paruzzi Magazine 3:

Tools: the car jack
Engine: fuel mixture preheating
Electrical: 6 volt or 12 volt
PDF versie : Paruzzi Magazine 3

Paruzzi Magazine 2:

Engine: types and codes
Electrical: basic circuit
Engine: crankshaft basics
PDF versie : Paruzzi Magazine 2

Paruzzi Magazine 1:

VW groups: parts and numbering
Engine: type 1 carburetor adjustment
Electrical: battery diagnosis
PDF versie : Paruzzi Magazine 1 scores 4.94 out of 5 stars (based on 60 customer reviews)

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