Quickly to the correct part

Searching within the Paruzzi site is really simple, here we explain a few searchmethods to help you find the correct part very quickly:

Use the search field at the top of the page to enter a keyword or a productnumber and press the button.

If multiple parts are found, you can use the filters to further refine this search result:
- Use the "VW type" filter to find the parts that fit your vehicle.
- Use the "Group" filter to find the parts classified by Volkswagen in a particular main group.
- Use the "Subgroup" filter to find the parts classified by Volkswagen in a particular subgroup.
- Use the "Brand" filter to find the parts that belong to that brand.
You can remove a filter again by pressing the appropriate "Remove this filter" button.

Of course you can also search without a keyword, then you only use the filters.

Click on the "More information" button, the name or the photo to view additional information about the relevant product.

You can also search with multiple keywords at the same time: Enter multiple keywords with a space between each word.
You can remove the keyword by clicking on "Remove search term".

Search by VW number or OEM number:
Enter the Volkswagen or OEM number (or part of it) as a keyword (minimum 7 characters). VW numbers must be entered with a space after every 3rd number. All parts with this number range are shown, the smaller you make the number, the more results will be shown.

How to order:
Enter the number of parts to order for the desired part and then click on the " Order" button.
The shopping cart is shown and the item has been added.
Select "Continue shopping" and you will return to where you left off to search for another part.
The shopping basket is shown at the top of the page, by clicking on the number of items you will see the contents.
To complete your order click on "Complete order" and follow the further instructions.

Tip: You do not have to finish your order immediately, you can also do this at a later date (the Paruzzi webstore uses cookies that remember your order).

Activate cookies:
If you can not add anything to your shopping basket, the cookies in your web browser are not activated, cookies are necessary to order in the Paruzzi web store.
Read here how to activate your cookies in your browser.

Frequently Asked Questions
Before you contact us, please check our list of frequently asked questions, as the answer to your question might be listed there.

How to search for parts on a desktop computer or tablet:

How to search for parts on a mobile or smartphone: