Quickly to the correct part

Searching with Paruzzi is really simple, here we explain a few searchmethods to help you find the correct part very quickly:
(You can also read an article that appeared in the Paruzzi magazine, click here to see the article)

Quick navigation:
  • Select the VW model for which you need parts. If you want to search our entire product range (all VW models), you click on "select all"
  • Select the group in which the part belongs. If you want to search in the full product range for the chosen VW model, you select "search in all main- and sub-groups". All products from this group will now be shown.
  • To narrow down the search, select a subgroup from the menu without entering a query/product number. All products from the subgroup will now be shown.
  • If you still get a lot of hits, enter one or more keywords. This will result in a search on the keyword(s) within the selected subgroup.
  • Click on the product image for more information and an enlargement of the image.
Search without navigating:
  • Directly enter 1 or more keywords on the webstore homepage to search in the entire product catalog.
  • Don't change the keyword(s), only change the main group ("Search in all main- and sub-groups" is the standard selection). It will now search within the selected group. If nothing is shown, there are no products found within the selected group, change the group or your keyword(s).
Query tips:
  • Search with multiple keywords: Enter multiple keywords with a whitespace between each word.
  • Exact search with multiple keywords: Enter multipley keywords "inbetween double quotation marks" and the search will be limited to the entered keyword combination.
  • The keyword(s) will remain, so you don't have to re-enter it every time you change the (sub)group or VW model. You can remove the keyword(s) by clicking on "Remove search term".
Search for a VW number or an alternative number:
  • Make sure that "Search in all main- and sub-groups" is selected and the VW choise is "select all".
  • Make sure tha the group "select all" and/or the subgroup "group all" is selected.
  • Use (a part of) the VW or alternative number as a keyword (for example 113 819).
  • All products containing this number will be shown. The smaller the number, the lonmger the list of found products.
Search for a Paruzzi product number:
  • Enter the Paruzzi product number as keyword, it doesn't matter which group or subgroup is selected.
  • The part will be shown including enlargement of the image and further product information.
Search per brand:
  • Within the webstore, click on "Brands" (in the orange menubar).
  • Select the brand you desire.
  • All products from this brand will be shown.
  • Click on the image for more information on the product.
Filter the search results
  • Use the pulldown menu on the right to sort the search results on description (standard selection), price, Paruzzi number, brand and in stock status.
How to order:
  • Enter the quantity of the part you would like and click on "Order"
  • The shopping basket will be shown and the product has been added.
  • Select "continue shopping" and you will return where you were so you can select the next product.
  • The shopping basket is shown at the top of the page. By clicking on the number of products you get to see the entire contents.
  • To finish your order, click on "complete order" and follow the further instruction.
Direct ordering without searching:
  • Within the webstore, click on "direct order form" (in the orange menubar)
  • Enter the Paruzzi number which you found in the Paruzzi Catalog and the required quantity.
  • Once added to the order form you can double check the product by clicking on the product number.
  • Follow further instructions
Tip: You don't have to finish your order right away, you can also do this later on (the Paruzzi webstore uses cookies to remember your order).

Activating cookies:
If you can't add products to the shopping basket, your cookies in your web browser are not activated, which is absolutely necessary for using the Paruzzi webstore.
Read here how to activate your cookies in your browser.