Returns & Warranty

Returns: You can return products within 14 days of purchase. In order to be eligible for returning, the return product needs to be registered online within this period. The product needs to be unused and in the original packaging, which has not been written on or stickered up. If this is not the case, then we will deduct 25% of the original sales price from the restitution amount.
After the viewing period of 14 days you still have the option to return the product, if the purchase was within the last 60 days and the product is still in our product range. In that case we will deduct 25% of the original sales price from the restitution amount.

Warranty: The warranty is part and manufacturer dependent. There lies no warranty on parts of which a higher quality is available, electrical components and/or parts meant for tuning, racing and off-road use. If warranty is granted, the product will be repaired or replaced if possible. If the product is no longer available a suitable replacement will be offered. We can only proceed with repairs or replacement once it is authorized by the manufacturer. If the product is eligible for warranty, only the value of the product and your shipping costs will be reimbursed (at the rates of PostNL). Please note: Give a detailed description of the problem / reason for returning, if not supplied your claim will not be processed.

Attention: A return or warranty claim must be notified and approved in advance. A return or warranty claim sent without registration and/or the proper documentation will not be handled. Telephone inquiries are not possible, you can follow the progress of the application under 'My Account'. Questions and comments can only be addressed by Email (with the correct return or warranty claim number, which is created during the returns/warranty procedure).

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