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More then 50.000 products, direct from the warehouses of Volkswagen Classic Parts in Germany! (also for watercooled VWs)


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Paruzzi Classic VW Supplies

Spark plug Bosch W8AC (standard) 4 pcs

Spark plug Bosch W8AC (standard) 4 pcs
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Reviews (6)

 Produkt 2015 scores 4.1 out of 5 stars (based on 6 customer reviews)

 Fine delivered
(translated) nl

Gerben van de Werken, 7 desember 2017
I recommend this product
 Different bosch production qualities (translated) nl
Previously, this spark plugs from Germany identified by the green color. This delivery I have the same type, but was the color blue. They are produced in India. The finish looks less than the original German Bosch spark plugs. The engine will probably run whit them. I have chosen to keep the old ones and to use this as a backup.
Stephan, 14 juli 2017

Reaction Paruzzi : You can replace them without problem though. There is no quality difference. You should check the electrodes gap. This should be 0.6 mm, but you should always check that (with every brand of spark plug).
 Spark Plug Bosch (translated) nl
Danny Coopman, 23 april 2017
I recommend this product
 spark plug (translated) nl
perfectly. good spark plug. no problems with it. car is running quiet again.
Gert Kikkert, 18 mars 2017
I recommend this product
 Fast delivery (translated) nl

E. de Geeter, 15 mars 2017
I recommend this product
 Spark plugs, the review (translated) nl
Good spark plugs. Came in neat boxes without any kind of impact damage. The electrode distance was the same on all 4 of them and after mounting ran my beetle as a new one. Next time i will order these sparkplugs again!
Tom Hoek, 31 oktober 2016
I recommend this product

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