Engine lid drainage tray

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Beetle convertible 10.1952 until 7.1957

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At the beginning of production of the Volkswagen Beetle, only the convertible version was equipped with cooling slots in the engine lid. This was necessary because when the convertible top was folded down, the cooling slots under the rear window of the Beetle sedan were covered by the convertible top.

To prevent rain from entering the engine compartment, the rear hood was equipped with gutters that collected water and passed it through pipes to the bottom of the engine lid, where it could exit the engine compartment.

When you buy a new engine lid (see Options tab), it is equipped with drainage trays. But if you restore the original, it often happens that the drainage trays are so damaged by rust that there is nothing more we can do about it.

These drainage trays listed here replace the original part and are supplied complete with drain pipes.

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