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You searched for a part for your distributor. Many different distributors have been used over the years, in many cases they are interchangeable on other engines. The chance that your distributor is not what was installed by Volkswagen at the time is great. If you use our 'Distributor / ignition Tool', all available parts for your distributor are shown.

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Type 1 engines :
30 hp 8.1959 och senare
34 hp till och med 7.1965
1200, 1300, 1500 and 1600cc 8.1968 och senare

Type 3 engines :
1500 cc 8.1968 och senare
1600 cc 8.1968 till och med 7.1969

Type 4 engines :
Bus till och med 7.1979

Water boxer engines :
1900 cc

009 distributors

Note: only for conventional ignition


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