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More then 50.000 products, direct from the warehouses of Volkswagen Classic Parts in Germany! (also for watercooled VWs)


Den gratis Paruzzi appen er nå tilgjengelig
Den gratis Paruzzi appen er nå tilgjengelig : Download on the App Store Den gratis Paruzzi appen er nå tilgjengelig : Get it on Google play

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Guided tour of Paruzzi

Always wanted to take a look behind the scenes at Paruzzi, then you're in luck. Find a group of minimum 8 en maximum 50 likeminded people and make an appointment for a guided tour of the Paruzzi facilities. You will visit places that normally are off limits for the general public. From the showroom through the packaging department, we show it all. Most departments will be in operation so you can see first-hand what is involved in getting your order shipped to your doorstep. A Paruzzi employee will guide the tour, he will explain the entire process from production/purchase through shipping. He will also tell you about the history of our company. The entire tour, which ends with a beverage and snack, takes about 1.5 hours to complete (depending on the group size) and is free of charge.
To make the trip to Yerseke even more worthwhile you might consider a tour on the water (nationalpark Oosterschelde) on m.p.s. Adrina. They have several options, the seal watching tour and the mussel tour are highly recommended.

Pick an available date below and make an appointment, we will then contact you to confirm the appointment:

Photos of some of the guided tours:
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