Who are Paruzzi?

We are the number one webstore for classic Volkswagen parts

Wim de Keijzer and Evert Poelman started Paruzzi Classic VW Supplies back in 1989. Wim (right hand side on the picture) is responsible for the customer service department. On the left hand side is Evert Poelman, he is product manager and purchaser for Paruzzi. This duo is the soul of Paruzzi, they believe in treating the customer fairly and respectfully. Today Paruzzi is an international company specializing on the classic Volkswagen parts market. Paruzzi has many brands available, one of the most renown brand is probably the Classic Volkswagen Parts from the Wolfsburg stock.

Wim: "Today Paruzzi Classic VW Supplies is the very well known brand in the Netherlands and Belgium. If you have the chance to visit our shop in Yerseke you will understand that Paruzzi can help with all the parts you need for your Beetle, Karmann Ghia, type 3, type 4, VW Bus or type 181/Thing. We have added a large number of parts for the Vanagon lately, this model is becoming very popular."

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Our Product Portfolio

Paruzzi branded parts are made especially for us and under our supervision. Besides our own Paruzzi branded parts, we also have parts that are made by other manufacturers (more than 250 brands), the same manufacturers that provided the Volkswagen manufacturing plant with parts back in the days. We mention brands for each part in our webstore so you know exactly what you will receive. Paruzzi is one of the few that discloses brand names, we like to be transparent so that you know in advance what you order.

Worldwide shipments

All orders will be sent from our central warehouse in Yerseke (The Netherlands). All parts can be ordered by telephone or online, friendly and experienced colleagues are eager to help you and make sure that every order is dealt efficiently and quickly. E-mail, telephone and webstore orders that come in before 15h00 will be shipped the same day. More information about the shipping costs, local carriers and delivery schedules can be found on our website.

Paruzzi parts catalogue

The Volkswagen parts market is quite settled after more than a quarter of a century, there is a large offer of restoration and service professionals, tuning and engine overhaul specialists. Paruzzi is the no 1 online retailer and business to business distributor, our unique propositions are availability, quick delivery and great service. The webstore with the most complete offering, the reference in Europe.

Evert: "Our first Big Beetle Book was an overnight hit, all classic VW owners were looking for a book with detailed explanation for the parts they needed."

The 10th edition of our catalogue exists in 7 versions, one for each type of classic Volkswagen. The complete Paruzzi range of products for your Volkswagen in a full color catalogue in 3 languages (English-Dutch-French). These catalogues are the perfect companion for the Paruzzi webstore. Click here to order a paruzzi catalogue.

Paruzzi Catalogus

Paruzzi history

The Beetle became a classic restoration object in the late 1980's, before that no one could predict the aircooled Volkswagen would become such a collector's item. Evert and Wim were already selling Kitcars for the Beetle chassis in the Netherlands back in those days known as Paruzzi Cars. They didn't sell that many kits to be honest, but they received many inquiries for parts for the VW Beetle, which they fulfilled to please their customers. This is how Paruzzi was born, after more than 25 years this is the number 1 webstore in Europe selling all parts for all classic Volkswagens. The Paruzzi headquarters store more than 60.000 parts now, both Paruzzi developed and manufactured parts and parts from many Volkswagen O.E.M. suppliers.

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Official Volkswagen Classic Parts Partner

In 2013 Volkswagen Classic Parts Germany asked Evert and Wim to become partner for the genuine VW parts from Wolfsburg. All parts for VW's older than 15 years are now available trough Paruzzi.

Official Volkswagen Classic Parts Partner

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