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1: Engine

2: Fuel, Exhaust, Heater

3: Transmission

4: Front axle, Steering

5: Rear axle, Differential

6: Brakes, Wheels

7: Chassis, Bumpers, Hand & Foot controls

01 Frame head and Floor pan

09 Handbrake lever

11 Heater cables, Shift mechanism

21 Feet control system

8: Bodywork, Interior

9: Electricity

0: Various

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More then 50.000 products, direct from the warehouses of Volkswagen Classic Parts in Germany! (also for watercooled VWs)

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Paruzzi Classic VW Supplies

Thing, Group 7: Chassis, Bumpers, Hand & Foot controls

Frame head and Floor panFrame head and Floor pan .Handbrake leverHandbrake lever .Heater cables, Shift mechanismHeater cables, Shift mechanism
Feet control systemFeet control system .

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