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1: Engine

00 Rebuild engines

01 Crankcases, Cylinders,Cylinder heads for Boxer engines

03 Crankcases, Cylinders, Cylinder heads for In-line engine

05 Crankshaft, Conrods, Bearings

07 Pistons, Piston rings, Piston / cylinder kits

09 Camshaft, Valves, Pushrods, Pushrod tubes

15 Oil pumps, Oil fillers, Dipsticks

17 Oil coolers, Oil hoses

19 Doghouse, Fans, Cooling systems

27 Fuel pumps, Fuel lines

29 Carburetors, Air filters, Inlet manifolds

41 Clutch manual and automatic

43 Engine gaskets kits

2: Fuel, Exhaust, Heater

3: Transmission

4: Front axle, Steering

5: Rear axle, Differential

6: Brakes, Wheels

7: Chassis, Bumpers, Hand & Foot controls

8: Bodywork, Interior

9: Electricity

0: Various

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More then 50.000 products, direct from the warehouses of Volkswagen Classic Parts in Germany! (also for watercooled VWs)

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