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2: Drivstoff, eksos, Varmer

3: Gir

4: Framaksel, Styring

01 Framaksel

05 Framhjulsopphenging

11 Fjærer, Stabilisatorer

13 Støtdempere

15 Styring

5: Bakaksel, Differensial

6: Bremser, Hjul

7: Chassi, Støtfanger, Hånd & Fot regulering

8: Karosseri, Interiør

9: Elektrisk

0: Diverse

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More then 50.000 products, direct from the warehouses of Volkswagen Classic Parts in Germany! (also for watercooled VWs)

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Paruzzi Classic VW Supplies
Norwegian Webshop: Split Bus » 4: Framaksel, Styring

Split Bus, Group 4: Framaksel, Styring

FramakselFramaksel .FramhjulsopphengingFramhjulsopphenging .Fjærer, StabilisatorerFjærer, Stabilisatorer
StøtdempereStøtdempere .StyringStyring .

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